S-I-R Sales Library

Smart sales leaders are always scouting for innovative ways to grow sales. The pandemic has brought a new sense of urgency to every sales manager we talk to. Innovation understates what today’s reality demands: a willingness to change, adapt, and be open to paradigm shifts. We offer this blog to address this need.

As “sales veterans” for over 27 years, S-I-R has watched sales and marketing tactics come and go. Some remain tried and true while others have crashed and burned. We intend to provide a forum that offers an objective perspective on sales strategies that we’ve seen work in the real world with real people across a variety of industries. Some are methods that we implement for our clients, others are tactics that we have observed smart businesses engaging in – whether it’s “home-grown” or with the help of a strategic partner. In all cases we have seen growth in top line sales and sales margin by utilizing these methods.

We view this blog as a “Sales Library” that you can visit, browse, do some research, ask some questions, offer your comments, and seek additional input when you are so inclined. Our “library” will be available to you in a variety of methods:

● Guest speakers and writers (with experience and expertise on the specific topic)
● Client experiences (from their point of view)
● Useful, on-line information resources (blog offerings, social media posts, opt-in emails, etc.)
● White papers, research papers, write-ups
● Free webinars / workshops by S∙I∙R and other guest experts on topics you request.
● Availability for dialogue via Zoom, phone, email as you request.

Again, we emphasize our intent is to provide you with a useful sales library. The content of the “library” as we begin and then add to it’s “shelves” will include topics such as:

● Capitalizing on the change and paradigm shifts the pandemic has forced sales organizations to make. Provide you with examples of what’s working.
● Current and future design of your sales team (outside sales, inside sales, independent reps, etc.). Downsize and rightsize perspectives.
● Blending sales with available marketing tactics to achieve best results for your business circumstances.
● Evaluating your current customer situation. What are your receivables telling you? (pricing, volume expectations, etc.)
● Evaluating market share, going for your competition’s jugular.
● Current and future sales budget strategies through this year and into 2021.
● Effective sales management practices including tangible, results oriented tactics. Differentiating between sales dollar goals and measurable sales activity goals.
● Providing a visual pipeline pathway to help track the progress of sales leads from “cold prospect” to warm lead to closed business. This visual graphic incorporates sales pipeline activities with social media initiatives.
● Getting the biggest bang for your sales / marketing buck which will include things like simple database development tactics,; better use of trade show dollars; evaluating the marketing automation “alphabet soup”(PPC,SEO,etc.) to ascertain a real R.O.I.

We will be adding all of these topics to our library in the weeks ahead. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and invite you into the conversation. What sales topics interest you? What have you always wondered about, but were kind of afraid to ask? Chances are, others share your curiosity. Let’s learn and grow together.

Your comments and feedback are welcome. To reach us directly at S-I-R, visit our website or call us at 717-852-8068.