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Telephone Survey Services

Insight for Action

What can a telephone survey do for your business?

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities for your company in terms of its relationship with your customers;
  • Provide insight into the value and unique offering that competitors bring to the table, so your team can be more effective;
  • Assist in new product development, service improvements or enhancements by helping you to understand how customers view your current offering;
  • Gather market information that can be used in any number of ways to improve or increase business.

So. Much. More.

Telephone surveys provide valuable insight that smart companies like yours can turn into actionable data. At S•I•R, we specialize in crafting scripts and developing questions that take the guesswork out of whatever it is you’re trying to learn. We can also use the script that you provide, assist you in securing a list or use one that you’d prefer to provide.

Telephone surveys can also be as simple as updating database information (information for CRM initiatives) or improving customer relations. Whatever your need, let S•I•R help you gather the insight that will move you to action.

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