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Sales & Marketing Consulting

Helping you achieve growth strategically.

We’re a partner in your long-term growth. That’s why we offer our clients the option of engaging us for sales and marketing consultation in addition to our lead generation and calling programs.

Sales and marketing consulting is one of our flagship services and allows us to put to great use the experience, background and passion of our executive team who are enthusiastic about marrying sales and marketing to help companies grow.

Any sales and marketing strategy starts with a series of intelligent questions. What are the results we want and how do we attain them? What tools can we use to achieve maximum success? Direct mail…telemarketing…customer support? How will we measure the program’s success? Ascertaining the right answers can be difficult, but not if S•I•R facilitates the process.

We can guide you through the process of:

  • Developing an effective written marketing plan
  • Developing and executing an effective sales management program to include measurable accountabilities
  • Creating customized sales and customer service training

We can counsel your current sales team (both captive and independent reps) and increase the effectiveness of your sales strategies. Let S•I•R assist in developing or executing a game-winning plan for you. Like we said, it starts with intelligent questions, Click here to ask us one.

When to consider using S•I•R