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Building Relationships, Boosting Your Business

The most important thing for you to know when you engage S•I•R is that we are not a call center. We’re an extension of your team. We represent you and we take your goals, vision, and metrics very seriously.

The most important thing for us to know about you is that you want a professional, committed team that will represent your brand while helping you achieve very specific objectives.

That’s why we think of Lead Prospecting as Relationship Building.

We’re not dialing for bodies. We’re cultivating opportunities, building your pipeline. There are several ways we can do this: Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation and Customer Re-engagement / Relationship Maintenance.

Customer Acquisition / Lead Generation

When you’re ready to grow, the team at S•I•R is there. Acting as your inside sales team, we’ll help identify the right prospects and move them both into and through your sales funnel. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use, highly measurable lead generation services include:

  • List acquisition
  • List qualifying and verifying
  • Script development
  • Lead identification (identifying the best person with whom we should be having the conversation)
  • Lead cultivation (opening and then continuing the conversation until either a match is found, or the decision is made to professionally part ways)
  • Lead follow up (circling back on leads that have gone cold or warm and keeping potential prospects in the pipeline until the time to act has arrived!)

All of this is done in close consultation with you and fully integrated with your other sales and marketing efforts. And, you’ll have full access to our custom-built CRM system where you can see what we’re doing, how leads are moving through the system and what insight we are gaining during the process. This is a unique offering from S•I•R – one you won’t find with other providers – and a key component to accountability and trackability.

At S•I•R, our goal is your goal: build prospect relationships that turn into profitable customer relationships.

Customer Re-engagement / Relationship Maintenance

Maintaining happy, loyal customers is essential for your company’s success. It costs far more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one. So why not invest in making sure that your customers are yours for life?

Working closely with you, our team will maintain and enhance your relationship with customers.

We can assist with:

  • Requests for literature
  • Pricing information
  • Order processing
  • Indentifying the closest dealer or supplier
  • Minor technical questions
  • Checking order status
  • Satisfaction surveys

Not only will you see an increase in customer satisfaction, you’ll also see a decrease in costs associated with staff turnover or losses related to delays in responding. This is also a great way for companies to scale up in size without hiring too soon or too quickly.

Let S•I•R help you with your customer service needs and you’ll see a tangible increase in customer satisfaction – and retention.

When to consider using S•I•R